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Mark Rulon

Executive Director & Founder

Mark is a retired Police Officer and a Medal of Valor recipient. After adopting his first Pit Bull "Lola" he realized how many Pit Bulls are in the shelters and how misunderstood and abused this breed is. This realization got him into the world of Pit Bull rescue. Mark and his wife Lizz own 4 gorgeous Pit Bulls. He has a strong passion for all animals but Pit Bulls pull on his heartstrings. The rescue was founded in 2018 and Mark didn't let one minute go to waste. Mark has rescued over 200 Abused and neglected Pit bulls and counting in just five years. He devotes his entire life to this rescue and has built an outstanding team that values him just as much.

Lizz Rulon
Founders Wife & Associate Director

Lizz is the wife of our founder, Mark Rulon. Lizz is a Registered Nurse & a successful business owner in the Conejo Valley. Lizz loves the breed and is a vital part of the success of this rescue.

Lisa Kurimski
Operations Manager

Lisa has a strong passion for all animals but most of all Pit Bulls. Lisa has been in the Sales & Marketing industry for over 13 years, owns a full-service Marketing & Web design company. She is also a Property Manager for a Timeshare/Resort in South Florida. Lisa oversees our rescues website, document preparation, and the creation of marketing content graphics for fundraisers during her downtime. She has 2 Pit bulls including our precious Lola the Happy Hippo.

Jaqueline Wiltshire
Team Leader

Jaqueline was born in Portsmouth Hampshire UK and grew up surrounded by dogs. She got her first Pit bull in 1999 and has loved them ever since. She also loves baking and now she has been able to combine both passions. Other hobbies include needlepoint, making teddy bears and collecting antique bears.

Tina Petersen
Communications Coordinator

Tina handles our Social media Networking. She is a lover of all animals and fights everyday to spread the word about our rescue. She cares immensely for Pit Bulls. She is also a huge lover of Beagles.

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Rebecca Pedersen

Rebecca is an avid animal lover and animal rights activist. She has been with us since we first started Southern California Pit Bull Rescue And has fostered 5 with us so far and many more to come. She is certified in pet CPR and works as a dog handler.

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Mike McSween

Mike McSween is a local  portrait and landscape photographer. If you live in Ventura County, you've likely seen Mike out looking for good light, interesting people, and scenic views. His love of animals and passion for pet adoption led him to SCPR. Mike lives with his wife Danette and black Mini-Schnauzer, Jet.

Jo Anna Green
Transportation Coordinator

Jo Anna Green is from Maine currently living in Richmond Texas. Graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a BS in Police Administration. Employed by the Houston Police Department 1991-present. Police Officer until 2008 then prompted to Sergeant 2008. Sergeant in Motorcycle Division from 2010-present. Volunteered at got Forgotten Pet Advocates from 2015-2020. Volunteer for Best Friends Animal Society 2018 to Present. Has transported dogs to Tennessee, Minnesota, Utah, California, Arizona, Missouri for several different rescues.

Jenny Morena

Jenny has had large dogs all her life, but she adopted her first Pit bull mix in 2001. Jenny is a huge believer in positive reinforcement training and one of her dogs received his Canine Good Citizen Certification. She is also certified in Canine First Aid and CPR. Jenny has been actively involved in Pit bull and greyhound rescue since 2002.

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Dr. Heidi Taylor

Doctor Heidi Michelle Taylor is a licensed clinical and depth psychologist and a supervised visitation monitor. She has a longstanding love of animals starting with horseback riding as a child. She is the author of a therapeutic book entitled “Tales of Awakening---Coming to Life Again After A Period of Emotional Deadness.” She adores dogs, particularly pit bulls, and has had several throughout her life, including now. She encourages adoption, rescue, spaying and neutering, fundraising, and fostering.

Kristi Andersen

Kristi is a Medical Sales Representative who loves all animals but developed an exceptional love for Pit Bulls after rescuing her first Pittie in 2014. She knew from that experience that she would forever be a voice for the voiceless and advocate for the Pit Bull breed.

Courtney Rosene

Courtney owns a dog walking business and is a Photographer Assistant. She is home schooled which allows her more time to devote into saving this amazing breed. Courtney's dream is to one day own her own non-profit to rescue dogs and continue spreading awareness for the voiceless.

Jamie Dagg

Jamie lived in Simi Valley for 54 years. She has worked in the security field for 25 years. Jamie's passion is helping animals in need and helping our rescue find loving homes. She has also fostered for VCAS, combined total of 3 years successfully placing all animals she has fostered.

Jennifer Mergl

Jennifer has dedicated her life to the advocacy of the voiceless & vulnerable. Her work as a Private Fiduciary focuses on the protection and care of those unable to care for themselves. She has spent 15 years as a bully breed owner and champions for breed awareness. Jennifer and her daughter Kiera work tirelessly with rescue organizations to save lives, provide training and socialize shelter animals in order to give them the most successful chance of placement in furever homes.

Randee Breckenridge

Randee is a single mother of 4 grown children, a dog mommy of 2 goofy pups and a Registered Nurse. She has been a foster for 7 years and only one foster fail. Randee has been around dogs her entire life and couldn't imagine an existence without them.

Babs Kleiman
Melodi Preston
Athena Stamakinley
Social Media

Babs Kleiman has been married for almost 26 years & has 3 adult children. For most of her adult life, Babs has worked helping people with nursing & caregiving services at home, but her heart is with pit bulls.  She has a 13 yo American Staffordshire Terrier. Last year she had the opportunity to save a pit bull she found in the street in the street and eventually adopted him as her own. Nothing has given her greater pleasure than to see pit bulls in happy homes and not shelters.  

Growing on in So Cal, Melodi and her family are excited to join the SoCal Pit Bull team. Melodi and her husband have a 13 yr old daughter who loves animals and loves to play softball. Their family have raised a deaf Pit bull for the past 12 yrs. They loved the breed so much they decided to rescue 2 yr old Mila from the local shelter in 2019. They can't wait to be a part of the SoCal Pit Bull family.

Athena is a screenwriter who has been passionate about animals since childhood, but it wasn’t until her experience working at an animal rescue that she fell in love with pit bulls. Their resilience and endless love inspired her to even feature pit bulls in one of her scripts! She is determined to showcase these amazing dogs on the big screen!

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Our team is dedicated to caring for the misunderstood. We do not take in just any dog. We take in the dogs that would have been euthanized or special needs. Our Fosters and volunteers are extremely passionate about rescue. We are committed to educating those about this breed and focusing on the true success of each team member.

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