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Sandy Beach was rescued from the Ramona Humane Society in Hemet.

After being used for breeding, she was covered in tumors and mammary masses. She was found as a stray in horrible condition. 


She underwent numerous surgeries and stressful procedures. She at one point had to deal with her incision becoming badly infected and spent 5 days in the hospital. During her recovery, she became best friends with another one of our rescues Frankie. They were eventually adopted together and it was just truly heaven for both of them.


Sandy Beach was one of the sweetest dogs our rescue has ever known and had a smile that could light up the sky. She is deeply missed and is always in our hearts. We will never forget our little girl Sandy Beach and we will never forget the impact that she had on this rescue.

Sandy Beach has become the heart of our rescue and we are forever indebted to her presence on this Earth with us. We are blessed to have had the short time we had with her. We are committed to living out her memory, rescuing even more dogs who suffer the way she had suffered. WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU SANDY BEACH. - Mark Rulon, Owner & Founder of Southern California Pit Bull Rescue.


At only 9 weeks of age, Madeline was found as a stray and turned into the shelter. She was covered in burn marks.


We rescued her after she contracted pneumonia. We soon learned she also had distemper, an easily avoidable disease.


We fought diligently to help her fight this disease. We immediately started her on the Newcastle Distemper Vaccine. However, the disease started to effect her neurological system.


Madeline began to have seizures, at which point we placed her on phenobarbital. Sadly, Madeline reached the point where she could no longer walk and came down with pneumonia for the second time.


Her courage to fight this horrible disease stole hearts throughout the world and we are forever grateful to her presence here on Earth. Our hearts are shattered but our mission to rescue rolls on and she gave us that continued strength. 


She will be deeply missed. 



Bandit was rescued from the Long Beach shelter. He was deaf and blind in his right eye. We later found out that he had terminal cancer and passed away a month later. 

Bandit was the sweetest and gentlest guy in the world. We are devastated by his loss. He will always be in our hearts and will never be forgotten.

He received nothing but love from his foster mom, Rebecca Pedersen, during his seven weeks under her care.


Bubbles was found as a stray and turned into the Santa Paula animal rescue shelter. She had 4 large tumors, which the shelter removed. One of determined to be terminal cancer. 

We rescued her and placed her into hospice with Kimberlee Gull, her foster mom, whom she lived with for six months piror to being put down.

Bubbles was the most loving and affectionate dog ever. She was a great playmate with Kimberlee's Pit Bull Mr. Annie. We miss Bubbles terribly and she will never be forgotten.


Archie was found abandoned in a field in Northern California. He had limited use of his back legs and was immediately scheduled to be euthanized. After rescuing him, he was seen by two neurologists and underwent an MRI. It showed he had an inoperable cyst on his spine. It eventually left him unable to use his back legs.

After several months, Archie became incontinent. Eventually, he started having severe spasms in his back and it became increasingly more difficult for him to move.

He left us with a full belly of cheeseburgers and is incredibly missed!