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Adopt don't shop

At Southern California Pit Bull Rescue, we work tirelessly to rescue pit bulls from abusive situations and provide them with a safe and loving environment.


Be the voice of the voiceless

Most of the dogs we pulled were severely abused.

They have lived lives that you and I could never imagine.


Our dogs are costly but we believe that every dog sick or healthy deserves a chance at life. Donations allow us to provide the care they need.


Vet bills run high but Donations are our only way to continue our fight. Please consider donating to allow us more opportunities to save the most misunderstood breed in the world.

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Our Community

We at Southern California Pit Bull Rescue are committed to building a positive and inclusive community of pitbull lovers and advocates.

Your next best friend

If you're looking to add a furry friend to your family, we have plenty of lovable pit bulls ready for adoption at Southern California Pit Bull Rescue.


We pride ourselves on finding the perfect forever home for each of our dogs, so they can live happy and healthy lives with their new families. Take a look below at some of our available pups, and please contact us if you're interested in adopting.